The Best Tips and Tools for Kids Party Planning

We don’t all have to be Pinterest Moms to pull off a great party. With today’s tools and apps, it is easier than ever before to plan a party for your kids. Whether you are planning an elementary classroom party, a middle-grade sleepover, or a graduation party, there is an app that can simplify everything from party planning checklists to digital invitations. 

Tips for Planning a Party for Kids

No two parties are alike, just as no two parents are alike. However, when it comes to party planning, the following basic checklist contains tips that will help no matter how simple or elaborate your party will be.

  • Start with the guest list. Before you do anything, you need to decide on the guest list. The number of kids (or guests) you plan to invite to the party will largely determine your budget and where the party is held. 
  • Make a budget. Don’t make the mistake of party planning without a budget. No matter how thrifty you are, you can quickly go overboard when it comes to party planning. Food, favors, and decorations add up. Instead, make a budget, and use planning tools to keep track of what you are spending. 
  • Choose the venue. Your guest list will determine the amount of space you need for your party. Some families choose to host at home and then hire entertainment or rent bounce houses. Other families choose to have the party at a designated party venue where someone else is responsible for the cleanup. 
  • Pick a theme. When it comes to picking a theme, it can be simple or detailed. Either way, you can find tons party themes for kids on Pinterest. Additionally, stores such as Party City and Dollar Tree sell basic themed party decorations for birthdays and graduations. Again, your budget will determine how many themed décor items you purchase. 
  • Decide on the Food. Let’s be honest. The thing that matters the most at any party for kids is the cake. Start there. Then, choose foods that you know kids will eat rather than themed foods that will impress the adults. Be careful with how much food you purchase in addition to the cake. Since cake tends to be the main feature for kids, they don’t tend to eat much else. 
  • Invite the Guests. Make sure you invite your guests! It is super easy to invite guests electronically, and this is viewed as normal and acceptable for today’s busy parents. 
  • Use Party Planning Apps. By using a kids party planner or party planning apps, you make it easier to plan the party and enjoy it when the big day arrives. 



To help you get started with party planning apps, here are some of GoKid’s favorites:

For Classroom or Sports Team Parties

Signup Genius – This free planning tool is an excellent way to plan class parties and events. Parents can sign up for food and items to bring to the class party, and everyone is on the same page. 

For Invitations

There are tons of online invitation websites and free party invitations. Not only do they make it easier to keep track of the guest list, but they are also easier on the environment. Here are some of the most popular invitation apps:

EviteCreate online or text invitations for various events in a user-friendly format

Paperless PostOffers stylish, designer online invitations

Punchbowl Create free online or text invitations for various events with popular kids characters

Invitd – This app is specifically for creating and sending text message invitations

For Basic Organization

Trello – A unique planning app that allows you to make boards and lists and share them with your party planning team (or your family).

For Party Planning

My Party Planner – This app helps you with everything keeping track of the guest list to the budget.

For Transportation

When it comes to getting kids to and from birthday parties, it is helpful to tag team with other parents to get the job done. That’s where we come in. Encourage parents of kids attending the party to use GoKid to form trusted carpools with other party parents. 

What other party planning apps do you recommend to parents?

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