A Better Way to Carpool on Game Day

No more wondering how to get your kid to all their practices and games.

Karpool is relaunching now in your area, sign up for updates by clicking the button below!


Karpool allows families at the school to easily connect

Set Up Your Carpool

It’s wildly fast an easy – just set WHO you’re inviting, WHAT the carpool is for, WHERE the carpool is going, and WHEN it happens. Invitations go out automatically and your schedule gets created.

Drivers Sign Up

Sign up for the times that work for you no more text or email chains!

It's Go Time!

Route optimization and mapping means you always know where to go and in what order to pick up and drop off the kids.


Don't get overwhelmed by sports season

We want to make your sports carpool setup even more efficient, so we’ve partnered with two major sports scheduling apps, SportsEngine and TeamSnap to make that happen!
You can now use our iOS app to easily set up carpools with other parents in your kids’ teams.

GoKid is offering you the ability to connect your sports account in order to pull in team rosters (TeamSnap only) and sports event schedules. Once you’ve done that, you will then be able to easily create carpools and find other parents in your child’s team to carpool with.

Why Connect Your Sports Account

Easy Invitations

Pull your team roster into the invitees list so you can quickly select who to invite to your carpool. (TeamSnap only)

Quick Setup

Save time as your team event location, date, and time get pulled right into the app during carpool setup.

Shared Schedule and Notifications

All carpooling team families see the same driving schedule and each parent gets a reminder when its their turn to drive.

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