An App for Easy Carpool Management

Our app features make it safe and secure to carpool kids to school and other activities.


Kids Ride Only With Parents You Know and Trus

The Karpool carpool planner app can be used for school, camp, sports and more! Using Karpool saves you time and money by making it easy to manage carpools with friends and neighbors. Now you can have the confidence of knowing who is driving your family. When it’s your turn, we make sure you know with the app’s easy-to-use shared calendar and reminders, keeping everything in one place and easy to access.

Karpool App Features

A complete karpool app for schools, teams, and active families


Easy carpool setup

Simply input who will participate, what the carpool is called, where it’s going to/from and when it happens.

Trusted circle: Parents

No paid drivers.  Only set up carpools with other families you know and trust.  Karpool is a family organizer for carpools.

Route optimisation

Our app will plot the optimal route to pick up and drop off each child in the carpool.

Automatic reminders

Get automatically reminded when it’s your turn to drive or when it’s time to send your child out to join the carpool.

In-App Chat

Add notes to your carpool trips so you can make sure every participant is up-to-date.

Karpool allows families at the school to easily connect

Set Up Your Carpool

It’s wildly fast an easy – just set WHO you’re inviting, WHAT the carpool is for, WHERE the carpool is going, and WHEN it happens. Invitations go out automatically and your schedule gets created.

Drivers Sign Up

Sign up for the times that work for you no more text or email chains!

It's Go Time!

Route optimization and mapping means you always know where to go and in what order to pick up and drop off the kids.


Easily Plan Safe Carpools For Your School

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