Karpool – Carpooling Solution for schools in Australia & New Zealand

Coachhire.com.au has launched Karpool.com.au/schools in Australia and New Zealand. A carpooling app released, precovid, in The US and now re-launching worldwide.

Many school transport managers are familiar with https://schooltravelmanager.com/ our real time, fully customized transport tool. We now bring you, from the established US company GoKid.mobi,  a carpool solution which has already achieved:

500,000+ rides scheduled   6.5 million pounds CO2 reduction   10+million miles saved

“The Karpool product alongside our school travel manager, trip booker, route planner, and parent portal gives the ultimate range of tools for school managers to reduce traffic and pollution around schools.”
Mark Bond

With Karpool schools: 

  • instantly reduce congestion in school pickup lines
  • increase child safety 
  • improve air quality around the school 
  • easily attract wider enrollment without bussing 
  • can measure and publish their reduction of CO2 emissions, 
  • measure time and the kilometers saved by parents. 


Some of the great features of Karpool include optimized routing functionality, in-app texting, calendar syncing, and automatic alerts. Parents can also view a location map of other families nearby within their school to find nearby carpool partners. Karpool is school specific, only parents registered with the school can join; they receive a one time passcode to register their mobile phone.

Estimates suggest 25% of cars during peak hours are on the school run. Carpooling is important in addressing the unsafe levels of air pollution. According to a recent Unicef report, “The Toxic School Run”, one in three children are growing up in areas with toxic air, with the majority of it coming from vehicle emissions.


Case study: An Oakland Charter School, in California, US launched on April 23, 2019 to 550 students / 348 families. It was the first school to launch the program with the self-serve admin portal with which schools can upload the data set themselves and send out invitations to their families. The school used a variety of methods to promote carpooling to their families in addition to e-resources Karpool sends out. The school used physical promotional materials, posters and banners, robocalls, raffles for parents to sign up, class-by-class incentives to carpool, email blasts, and they also included information about carpooling in their newsletter and on registration days. Within the first month, 37% of invited families had already registered in the system and 20 carpool groups were started.This result is especially encouraging as the school launched at the end of the school year – a time when most families are already ‘set’ in their routines.


Karpool helps parents save time, reduce their carbon footprint and save on petrol costs. “Parents drive over 1800km a year more than the average Australian driver—the equivalent of an extra trip from Melbourne to Brisbane during the year. And the older the kids, the more kilometers spent behind the wheel, new automotive data from Roy Morgan Research shows.” Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), June 2014 

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