Fall Sports are in Full Swing. Here’s How to Keep the Momentum Going.

By mid-October, fall sports are in full swing and the family organizer app is jam-packed. Our weekday afternoons and evenings are spent shuffling our kids to and from school and practice and home. We do it all over again the next day. Our weekends are filled with football games, wrestling tournaments, and swim competitions. Our family calendar looks like a mess of team spirit until the season ends.

But, now that we are right in the middle of the action, how do we maintain the momentum without crashing into a pile of dirty laundry and cleats? How do we keep drying our kid’s tears after devastating losses when we are exhausted? 

Whether you are a parent of a football player, a cross country runner, a field hockey star, a cheerleader, a volleyball captain, a wrestling pro, or a little leaguer, you have the ability to end the fall sports season with just as much enthusiasm as you had at the very first parent meeting. Here’s how you can keep the momentum going. 

Embrace Carpooling

If you have not yet embraced carpooling, now is the time. It is draining being your kid’s taxi driver – especially during the fall sports season. Plus, many parents find it impossible to get themselves and their children everywhere they need to be when they need to be there. This is where GoKid comes in to save the day. The GoKid app is designed to make carpooling easy and safe. You can invite fellow sports team parents to your carpool and take turns taking the kids to and from practices.

Stock Your Vehicle

As a sports parent, you understand that your vehicle becomes your second home. Therefore, it is critical to stock your vehicle with everything you could ever possibly need. Anything is possible. Purchase a trunk organizer and stock it with a first aid kit, cleaning supplies, extra towels and clothes, sunscreen, and trail mix.

Never (Ever) Forget the Snacks

Make sure you always have healthy snacks and water ready for your young athletes. According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, “Snacks can be very useful for the young athlete if done right. Snacks help athletes get the variety of nutrients they need each day and help their brain and body be adequately fueled for training and competition.”

Take Control of the Laundry

At this point in the school year and fall sports season, you may feel like you are drowning in laundry. And every parent has had that awful moment when their sense of smell leads them to their child’s stinky uniform that never got washed. It’s time to take back control. Our best tip is to have a separate laundry basket just for their sports uniforms. This will keep their smelly and soiled uniforms away from the rest of the laundry and help you prioritize wash cycles.

Dress in Layers

The fall sports season is strange temperature-wise. For many in the US, you begin the sports season when it still feels like summer, but the season doesn’t end until after you’ve had your first snow. The temperatures can shift from short-sleeve weather to hoodie weather by the end of a game. This is why it is wise to dress in layers. Plus, as your excitement increases and you feel warmer in the crowd, you can take off a layer.

Pack for Yourself

Of course, you prioritize packing for your kid and making sure your athlete has everything needed. But you need to pack for yourself, too. Invest in a comfortable chair, cooler, and umbrella to help you survive your time on the sidelines.

Put Down Your Phone

At this point in the fall sports season, you may be feeling a little bored and may be spending more time scrolling through your phone than watching. We get it. However, you don’t want your phone scrolling to prevent you from seeing your athlete overcome a challenge or show exceptional talent. If you are using your phone, use it to take pictures and capture these moments.

Be Your Kid’s Biggest Cheerleader

Finally, the best way to keep the momentum going all season long is to act like your child’s biggest cheerleader. They may not show you much appreciation for being at their games and competitions today, but they will remember who was there in the future. So, cheer them on, encourage them when they are tired and struggling, and wipe away tears when the outcome wasn’t what they hoped.

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