Carpooling Options for Parents in Melbourne

1. Introduction

Transporting children to school is a daily responsibility for parents, and carpooling has become a convenient and efficient option. In Melbourne, various carpooling services are available that cater specifically to parents’ needs. This article will explore the different carpooling options for parents in Melbourne, providing a comprehensive guide to help them make informed decisions.

2. Public Transport for School Travel

Before considering carpooling options, exploring public transport as a viable choice is essential. Public Transport Victoria offers discounted travel for children through a Victorian Student Pass. However, it’s essential to assess whether children are ready to travel independently and ensure they are familiar with safety precautions and how to ask for help when needed.

3. Karpool: Organizing Carpooling for Parents is an innovative carpooling service founded in the US and is now available in Australia and New Zealand. This app allows parents to tap into their trusted networks and coordinate carpooling arrangements for school and other activities. Members can enter trip requests or find available carpool options within their networks, making it a convenient solution for parents seeking reliable transportation.

4. Drive Me 2: School Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

Drive Me 2 offers a safe alternative for school pick up and drop off, especially considering concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their premium vehicles prioritise health and safety, providing clean and comfortable rides for children. Experienced drivers ensure the safe transportation of children, providing peace of mind to parents.

5. Schoolber

Schoolber is a popular choice among parents for school transport in Melbourne. It offers various services, including carpooling, buspooling, and private school transport. With Schoolber, parents can choose the most suitable transport option based on their preferences, optimising travel time and cost. The service ensures safety as a top priority, with parent drivers who share the same school routes.

6. Carpooling and Car Share Schemes at La Trobe University

La Trobe University provides car share schemes through GoGet Car Share. GoGet offers a range of vehicles booked by the hour or day, providing convenience and flexibility to parents who require occasional transportation for school-related activities. This option eliminates the hassle of owning a car and offers special discounts to university staff and students.

7. Schoolber Bus Pool for International School

Schoolber’s Buspool service is an excellent choice for parents whose children attend international schools in Melbourne. Buspool allows parents to pool, forming the minimum number of children required to share school transport. It ensures safe and sanitised travel, prioritising punctuality and reliability for childcare transport services.

8. Carpooling Ethics and FAQ

Following specific ethical guidelines is essential to ensure a pleasant experience when participating in carpooling services. These guidelines include respecting each other, riding with more than one individual for safety purposes, choosing comfortable and safe pick-up/drop-off locations, and being transparent about preferences. Late arrivals and no-shows should be avoided, and open communication with fellow carpoolers is encouraged.

9. Schoolber’s Route Optimization for Reduced Journey Time

Schoolber’s innovative route optimisation technology helps reduce journey time, ensuring students reach school and home within 45 minutes. By assigning the most suitable vehicle based on optimised distance and time, Schoolber aims to improve the well-being of students during their daily commute. This service provides a reliable and efficient transportation solution for parents.

10. RydeSchool: Carpooling Option in Singapore

Although not specific to Melbourne, RydeSchool is a notable carpooling service in Singapore, offering insights into similar solutions that may inspire local developments. RydeSchool allows parents living in the same area and having children attending the same school to be matched with each other. This app lets Parents view profiles, negotiate fees, and establish carpooling arrangements.

11. Conclusion

Carpooling options provide parents in Melbourne with convenient and reliable transportation solutions for their children’s school journeys. Whether through apps like GoKid Au/NZ, Schoolber or services like Drive Me 2 or GoGet Car Share, parents can find options that suit their preferences, ensuring the safety and well-being of their children during travel. Exploring these alternatives can simplify getting children to and from school while fostering a sense of community among parents.


  1. Is carpooling a safe option for transporting my child to school? Yes, carpooling can be a safe option for transporting children to school. Services like Schoolber and Drive Me 2 prioritise safety by employing experienced drivers and adhering to health and sanitation protocols.
  2. How can I find carpooling options that match my preferences? Apps like allow parents to connect with their trusted networks and find carpooling options that align with their preferences. They provide features for entering trip requests and negotiating arrangements.
  3. Can carpooling help reduce transportation costs for parents? Yes, carpooling can significantly reduce transportation costs for parents. Parents can split expenses such as fuel and tolls by sharing the commute with other families, making it a cost-effective choice.
  4. Are there carpooling options available for international school students? Yes, Schoolber offers bus pool services specifically for international school students. These services ensure safe and sanitised travel, punctuality, and reliability for childcare transport.
  5. Are there carpooling services available outside Melbourne? While this article focuses on carpooling options in Melbourne, carpooling services like RydeSchool in Singapore demonstrate the availability and potential for similar services in other locations.

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