5 Apps to Make Mom’s Life Easier

As a mom, you have a big job. Taking care of kids can be a full-time job in itself, and trying to keep your busy family organized is a challenge. Luckily, technology can help, and there are many different apps for moms that are designed to make your life easier. We posted our top 5 picks for moms back in 2017, and now we’re back with another 5 apps that any busy mom should be sure to check out.

Remember the Milk

If you rely on lists to keep yourself and your family organized, then Remember the Milk is a must-have app. This handy app for moms, dads, and busy families allows you to create your to-do lists and then access them through your phone via the app, or on a tablet or watch. This means no more forgetting your handwritten list at home when you’re out shopping; you’ll be able to access your digital list anywhere.


Use Remember the Milk to:

· Create to-do lists for just about anything, from housework to chores to shopping lists

· Add subtasks to break down your lists into smaller pieces, then organize by priority and due date

· You can even add files, photos, or documents to your tasks to further streamline your workload.

· Access your lists just about anywhere, from any device

Remember the Milk is available for both iOS and Android.


If you want to save money on your weekly shopping but don’t necessarily have time to flip through coupons and circulars, Flipp can take care of that for you. Flipp is a shopping app that helps to maximize your savings when you shop at your favorite retailers, and the app is stocked with digital circulars from over 1,000 retailers.

With Flipp, you can:

· Browse digital circulars even when you’re on the go and don’t have access to a newspaper

· Plan a shopping list and let Flipp check for local deals to save you money

· Digitally “clip” items from circulars so they’re always at your fingertips while you’re shopping

· Set reminders to be alerted of expiring clippings so you don’t miss out on deals

You can access Flipp through your desktop, though the app is also available for iOS and Android.



Finding kid-friendly vacation destinations can be a challenge, especially if you’re heading to an area that you’re not familiar with. If you’re planning to travel with your kids, the Trekaroo app can help to make your trip a success. With the Trekaroo app, you can:

· Find out which activities, hotels, and restaurants are family-friendly

· Create a customized guide for your trip

· Check out reviews left by other parents and get fresh ideas for fun places to visit with your family

Trekaroo is available for iOS, but be sure to check out the website, too.

Kids Meal Deals

Eating out can get expensive for families, but sometimes it’s the only practical option. If you find yourself running late after your kids’ sports meet, recital, or after-school group, pull up the Kids Meal Deals app. This app can help you to find local restaurants offering specials on kids meals, saving you money. Use the app to:

· Search for restaurants up to 30 miles away from you, using GPS positioning

· Find discounted offers and kids eat free deals near you

Kids Meals Deals is available for both iOS and Android.


Whether you have multiple children or are just trying to balance being a parent with your work obligations, chances are you won’t always be available to drive your kids to every place they need to be. Karpool can help you to set up carpools with parents of other children to get your kids to school, camp, sports, activities, and more.

Use Karpool to:

· Invite parents you trust to set up carpools

· Receive carpool updates and reminders, and easily communicate with other parents through the app

· Save time (and money) over hiring car services for kids

· Reduce the amount of time you need to spend driving, but ensure your kids can still get to all of their destinations

Karpool is available for iOS and Android, as well as online.

Which of these apps will you be downloading first?



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